PleasantNook_Rob_Julie_Girls_StratfordRob and Julie earned early success and just one year after they began milking cows on their own they received four 2010 All-Canadian nominations, resulting in 3 Reserve All-Canadian titles. Continued success in the showring has yielded 25 total All-Canadian nominations including Reserve Grand Champion Holstein, Ebyholme Goldwyn Marcia at the Royal Winter Fair in 2012 and Arethusa Ontime Vogue Royal Winter Fair Intermediate Champion and WDE Supreme Futurity Winner in 2013.

No strangers to competition and good type, Rob and Julie Eby married in 2006 sharing their passion for good type cattle with deep pedigrees. Rob grew up at Ebyholme Holsteins, a three-time Master Breeder herd established by Clarence Eby and dispersed by Rob’s father Brian and Uncle Donald in 2012. Rob’s keen interest in fitting show cattle provided him with many opportunities to purchase great show animals. He has owned or had a hand in 15 All-Canadian nominees prior to 2009 including the 2003 Royal Winter Fair Junior Champion, Amarenlane QS Cara and Reserve Grand Champion Ebyholme Goldwyn Marcia. Purchases with various partners would provide the small but outstanding Holstein section at Pleasant Nook.

Julie, a fifth generation Jersey girl, is now the third generation to use the world renowned Pleasant Nook Jersey prefix that boasts deep pedigreed individuals with outstanding type. In 2008, after dispersals in 1999 and 2004, Julie’s parents, Bill and Joan Fletcher, decided they were ready for retirement. With hopes of keeping the Pleasant Nook name alive, Bill and Joan offered Rob and Julie 28 kilograms (kgs) of quota and the pick of the Pleasant Nook herd. Rob’s family willing to help out with any equipment they needed made it a slam dunk for Julie who after working in the retail business and relief milking, knew she was destined to milk cows.


The farm purchased in 2006 consisted of 10 acres including a house and bank barn. In October 2009 a 75 ft wide x 100 ft long pack barn with a six stall flat top parlour was completed attached to the old bank barn. Designed by Julie this bright open air barn with curtains on both sides allows for the utmost in cow comfort. Separated by a large open feed alley, Holsteins and some of the best Jerseys are housed on the left side in 8 box stalls while the right side accommodates up to 25 Jerseys on a sawdust pack. Swinging gates provide easy cleanout of both the bedding pack and feeding area. Well situated gates make it possible for one person to move and milk cows in the flat top parlour at the front of the barn.


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While Julie spends the majority of her time in the barn their three girls Rilee, Presley and Brinkleigh spend alot of time with Rob’s mom Terry. Rob is also part owner and manager of operations at Ayr Turf and Trac Ltd., with his stepfather Bob Ballantyne and stepsister Shellie Rowley right next door to the farm.

-Holstein Herd average 12963 kgs Milk, 545 Fat, 406 Protein BCA 267-300-264
-Jersey Herd average 7212kgs Milk 387 Fat 277 Protein BCA 240-239-244
-Herd classification Jersey 10 VG 2 year olds, 10 VG, 19 EX, 3 GP (2 year olds)  Holsteins- 4 VG 2 year olds , 2 VG, 5 EX cows ( 96, 2@95, 94 and 90)